Carnivore Dinner Experience

Dining at Carnivore Restaurant, located around 5 miles (8 kilometers) from Nairobi's city center, is not for the light eater, but rather an indulgent "Nyama Choma" dining venue where you sample an abundance of varied juicy meats roasted over a charcoal fire that are piled on your plate until your stomach is beyond full. When the meat has reached a perfect temperature, waiters carry the full skewers through the restaurant, and the aromas tempt your taste buds and stir your curiosity. Since 1980, Carnivore Restaurant has been satisfying the appetites of meat lovers and safari adventurers with a never-ending selection of ostrich, crocodile, venison depending on what is locally available, served alongside beef, lamb, pork and chicken.

A variety of side dishes complete this gastronomical tour of African cuisine, such as salads, soups, vegetable dishes and authentic sauces. The experience is enhanced by the informal, relaxed setting while gulping a Carnivore Dawa cocktail to hydrate, refresh and sharpen your palate for every delicious morsel.

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